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With the layers of complexity and complicated coverage policies by a multitude of payers no company can minimize its risk without an effective Compliance Plan. Besides the risk of lost reimbursement, the potential penalties for fraudulent actions would easily put a practice out of business. Our internal compliance program and the programs we can customize for your practice help meet those risk and the challenges of the industry. Our clients that need help with compliance plan development receive an in-depth practice review, followed by program development and implementation and finished with follow up in the form of ongoing monitoring. Every plan we help design contains the seven components critical to every plan. We utilize an external vendor (Healthcare Compliance Pros) to house your plan and training modules in the cloud (for an additional cost based on practice size) so that your plan is more than a notebook that sits on a shelf. Plans include:

  • Standards of conduct, policies, and procedures
  • Designation of a compliance officer
  • Compliance training & education
  • Confidential reporting for compliance concerns
  • Auditing & Monitoring
  • Disciplinary guidelines for compliance infractions
  • Procedures for handling compliance problems