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Attorney Request

Attorney Request Process

Dear Requestors,

We fulfill billing record requests electronically via ChartSwap, ChartSwap is a HIPAA compliant platform launched to facilitate electronic medical and billing record exchange between medical providers and law firms, and other requesting parties. It’s free to register and requestors can use ChartSwap to request, track, pay for and download records.

Please re-submit this request via using the following steps:

Laptop screen displaying ChartSpwap website
  • Step One


    Go to as a Record Requestor

  • Step two

    Sign In & Search

    Search for a Provider, enter Request Details, then upload Supporting Documents

  • Step Three


    Once your request has been reviewed and records are available, you will receive a notification and invoice which you can pay with a check or credit or debit card.

Requests via mail or fax or email will not be processed

Please contact ChartSwap directly at 855-879- 7927 if your firm needs to register more than one user or if you would like to schedule training for your employees.

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